Things to Look For in Body Jewelry


“One of the coolest styles with fashionable jewelry is definitely the tendency toward body jewelry and chains for women. No longer is the putting on of jewelry limited to your neck, wrist and hand, along with at times the ankle. Your ear isn’t the only place to get piercings anymore. The demand for tattoo designs together with different life styles has filtered right down to the day to day putting on of jewelry particularly among the list of young and young-at-heart! Sporting jewelry in the belly button, in the nose and tongue, and more intimate areas of the body, have grown to be a lot more commonplace.

Piercing and non-piercing jewelry with chains for women is available. The brave ones can go for the full works, the rest of us can fake it without the pain! Non-piercing body jewelry looks similar to piercing jewelry but does not make holes in the skin. This jewelry is made with clips and magnet techniques. Body piercing has become the latest trend but it can cause allergies and infections if not looked after properly.


Non-piercing jewelry is perfect for those people who want to look pierced but actually they are not. The most common types of non-piercing body jewelry are nipple chains, earrings and handcuff jewelry. While wearing this jewelry one can enjoy all the feelings without the pain! Both are available in numerous expensive or inexpensive metals and in huge variety such as nose rings, tongue and lip labrets, belly buttons and eyebrow rings for example. Contemporary techniques also have become more sophisticated, helping to minimize discomfort.


As opposed to what you might assume, piercings and body jewelry aren’t new. They have a long history. In ancient Egypt, body piercing was only allowed for royalty and high-born families. Pharaohs used belly bars or buttons. No one else was permitted to wear it. For Egyptians, body jewelry was a way to enhance the natural beauty of human bodies. The Bible additionally talks about this particular jewelry as a manifestation of prosperity.

Several Roman warriors also had their nipples pierced to show their strength and manliness. Nonetheless 400 years ago body-piercing jewelry was restricted to earrings and nose rings. . People in Asia and Africa have been sporting body jewelry for centuries. Tribal women wear heavy earring, anklets, nose rings and other pieces of jewelry. They started wearing jewelry from a very young age and they wear very heavy pieces so that the holes in their bodies also become large.

Before buying body jewelry, you have to pay attention to certain points. The body jewelry will be placed in your body, so it ought to be made from a proper material so that it does not cause harm. Different metals are chosen to make this jewelry. Piercing can be on the sensitive and delicate section of the body including lips and tongue.


Materials that are used should be sterilized so that it can protect and prevent infections. Several materials including stainless-steel, platinum, titanium, niobium and 14k or 18k gold are widely used to make it. These kinds of metals are safe to use since they are hypo-allergenic. Silver or silver necklaces for women are not really appropriate for body jewelry mainly because it tarnishes and may also incorporate nickel which might be allergic to skin. That’s the reason why surgical steel is usually recommended following piercing as it improves the speed of recovery process and also diminishes the prospect of infections.


For your belly button you’ll be able to select tummy buttons. You can obtain several types with this kind of body piercing jewelry. You can find stainless jewelry or even in plastic or steel barbells. It may be a simple band or there may be a valuable gem stone or other unusual jewellery mounted on it.


Sporting a nose ring continues to be well-liked in several societies. You can put on a nose stud or maybe a nose ring. Nose studs and rings may have diamonds, ruby, emerald or sapphire mounted on it. It can appear really smart. Yet another part where one can put on piercing jewelry can be eye brows – barbells are widely-used mainly. It’s fine to use crystal inside the rings. It’s going to provide it with quite a elegant and chic look. If you wish it is possible to choose basic gray or black barbells to get a grittier look.

You’ll be able to use the internet to get body piercing jewelry. Having a massive choice readily available you actually can’t make a mistake!”

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